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Restoran Kanna Curry House has over the years garnered a reputation as being one of the best
banana leaf food experiences available in KL.
I had visited only on one occasionally previously when I tried the deep fried chicken, I found it to be ok without really hitting the culinary highs.
Restoran Kanna Curry House Fish and Meat Display
Restoran Kanna Curry House Dishes
Walking towards the Kanna Curry House I received a
warm welcome from one of their friendly staff who
promptly opened the display of marinated sea life and
meat for my perusal.
From this display I avoided the deep fried chicken this time and opted instead for the Sotong Goreng (deep fried squid) and this turned out to be a very good choice as it was a very tasty dish indeed.
We already indicated to the
staff we wanted to try the
banana leaf experience so we
were surprised to find a
paper imitation banana leaf
placed on our table ready to
accommodate the swiftly
arriving food choices.
Upon enquiry we found that
they no longer use real
banana leafs because of a
lack of quality leafs available.
The waiters brought the usual accompaniment of vegetables that comprised of cucumber and onion, white cabbage and green beans in a curry sauce.
Kanna Curry House Banana Leaf
The imitation banana paper leaf meet the ISO food safety requirements as well as complying with the Malaysian food regulations act 1985 and this further strengthened their policy of not using the real banana leaf.
I did not mention pineapple with the cucumber
because I received only one small cube that did nothing
to bear any representative presence in this dish and
the white cabbage also failed to impress as it was very
plain indeed.
The green beans were also fairly ordinary so I think
the Kanna Curry House could do better with their
vegetable selection.
Accompanying these were three sauces which were fish
curry, chicken curry and dhal which were brought to
the table to pour onto the steamed rice.
The sauces were quite tasty with the fish sauce being my favourite of the three.
To add some protein to our meal we chose the mutton
curry and chicken masala.
Both portions were served on small plates with a liberal amount of their own relish sauce.
The lamb meat was cooked very tenderly and its curry
sauce made this an enjoyable dish to savour.
Deep Fried Squid Ready To Serve
Restoran Kanna Deep Fried Squid
Kanna Curry House Self Serve Dishes
Restoran Kanna Curry House
Restoran Kanna Banana Leaf
Deep Fried Squid Kanna Style
Above, Restoran Kanna displaying a newspaper article declaring that imitation paper banana leafs are perfectly safe to use.
Without a doubt the deep fried squid was the highlight of this meal and it's great when restaurants place their chefs in view of its customers.
Cooking the deep fried squid at the restaurant entrance helps create good restaurant ambience and delivers fresh piping hot food straight to your plate.
Restoran Kanna Curry House in Bandar Puchong Jaya is a cross between a traditional banana leaf restaurant and a nasi kandar style eaterie that delivers a reliable level of good food seven days a week.

Restoran Kanna Curry House, Puchong Jaya

Restoran Kanna Curry House Deep Fried Squid

Restoran Kanna Curry House Review

Restoran Kanna Curry House serves a good banana leaf food experience without ever rising to the heady gastronomic stars to really satisfy its hungry customers

Although Restoran Kanna Curry House in Puchong Jaya delivers a banana leaf meal without the real banana leaf the food still meets a consistently above average culinary level compared to its restaurant peers

Restoran Kanna Curry House
Date published: 15/08/2013

Restoran Kanna Curry House Star Rating

3 out of 5 stars

Restoran Kanna Curry House, No 21, Jalan Kenari 17D, Bandar Puchong Jaya, Puchong Selangor 47100, Malaysia - Phone: +603-8075-2427

GPS Latitude - 3.046995

GPS Longitude - 101.624001

Hours: Mon-Sun 06.30am - 10.00pm

Restoran Kanna Useful Information

Cuisine: Banana Leaf Rice and Curry
Cleanliness and Ambience: Both good
Halal: Yes
Free Wi-Fi: No
Accept Reservations: Yes
Vegetarian Friendly: Yes, but limited choice
Wheelchair Friendly: No
Accept Credit Cards: No
Parking: Parking available outside shoplot
Take Away Food Available: Yes, with on site order
Allow Smoking: Yes
Air Con: No
Party/Events: Yes, contact management to arrange

Restoran Kanna Curry House Location Map

My opinion was there are far better fried chicken flavours available elsewhere all over KL.
Also they claimed that the paper imitation banana leafs are more hygienic.