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Sunway Lagoon

Vuvuzela Worlds Largest Water Ride Sunway Lagoon

Sunway Lagoon Vuvuzela and 5D Waterplexx Review

The Vuvuzela and 5D Waterplexx are good additions to the entertainment value at Sunway Lagoon

I liked the Vuvuzela and thought the 5D Waterplexx was very good but neither could inspire me enough to shower them with superlatives worthy of the world class theme park that Sunway Lagoon claims to be

Sunway Lagoon - Date published: 21/10/2013

Sunway Lagoon Star Rating

3 out of 5 stars

Sunway Lagoon, 3, Jalan PJS 11/11, Bandar Sunway, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, 46150, Malaysia

Phone: +603-5639-0000

GPS Latitude - 3.068031

GPS Longitude - 101.606562

Hours: Mon-Fri 10.00am - 06.00pm - Sat-Sun 10.00am - 06.00pm

Billed as Asia's best attraction and Asia's best water park I had high expectations of a fun filled day out at Sunway Lagoon Water Park.
Sunway Lagoon Vuvuzela
The latest additions for the splash happy to enjoy are the Waterplexx 5D cinema experience and the African themed Vuvuzela water raft ride.
The vuvuzela is the real big boy at Sunway Lagoon with its bright yellow and orange funnel measuring at 22m it is 4m wider than the equivalent tornado ride at i-City Water Park.
The vuvuzela has been hailed as the largest water ride in the world and Sunways PR team have described it as rocketing down 152m of tunnels before plummeting into the worlds largest water funnel.
You have to climb stairs the equivalent of 11 storeys to reach the tower area to dive off on an inflatible raft that seats between a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 6 people.
You don't need a deep understanding of Newtons law of gravity to realise that 6 people are better than 4 if you want to attain any semblance of an adrenaline rush on this ride.
However, I felt even with six people you just cannot generate enough acceleration in the tunnels to hit the funnel with enough speed to give a really thrilling ride.
The Degree of deviation from a horizontal plane for the vuvuzela tunnels' pitch is just too small, if this was increased it could make this a worthwhile adrenaline pumping ride.
Sunway Lagoon Water Park
If the incline of the tunnels could be increased or the length of the last incline down increased and configured for 4 people maximum then this could really satisfy the thrill seekers.
With 4 people the vuvuzela is a positively dull ride that is just too slow.
Moving on, I love 3D movie experiences so the Waterplexx 5D was a temptation too irresistible to pass.
The 5D waterplexx started down a water slide which progressed to a river and there were plenty of moments with swashbuckling pirates, snakes and various other computer generated imagery attempting to shock you in your seat.
Sunway Lagoon Water Slides
Kids Water Park Sunway Lagoon
Flying Fox Over Surf Beach
Flying Fox Extreme Park Sunway Lagoon
Sunway Lagoon Flying Fox
This visual experience of a simulated physical presence inside a virtual reality environment stimulates the senses into thinking it is real and once you add in getting splashed with water then the 5D effect was complete.
Although being splashed with water heightens the sensory experience I think the makers of this ride should look at a better medium of delivery of the H2o because I felt it did not coordinate in complete synchronization with the scenes in the movie being played out.
However, this should not diminish your desire to try this as the 5D Waterplexx is a really good entertaining experience.
Summing up, the Vuvuzela and 5D Waterplexx are good additions to the entertainment value at Sunway Lagoon.
I liked the Vuvuzela and thought the 5D Waterplexx was very good but neither could inspire me enough to shower them with superlatives worthy of the world class theme park that Sunway Lagoon claims to be.
On the day I chose to visit the amusement park was closed so I could not check out any roller coasters however, the pendulum swinging tomahawk was open to tease the screams out of its all too easily petrified victims.
The extreme park was open and the Flying Fox was busily soaring over Sunway Lagoon using a cable, rollers and gravity to deliver a fun filled ride down to surf beach below.
The scream park was a fairly tame stroll and the wild life park was so moribund that it did nothing to add to the theme park experience.
Maybe the PR department responsible for promotion believe that more is better even if it adds nothing in terms of quality, at least it can fill out the promotional brochures.
Using the promotional term 'Asia's best theme park' may have been true for Sunway Lagoon a few years back but sadly not today. With Disney and Universal Studios now major players in Asia and the anticipated opening of Shanghai Disneyland in 2015 it is difficult to envisage Sunway Lagoon ever reclaiming that crown.
Just looking at the current Asian crop of theme parks it is challenging for Sunway to compete with Disney Sea in Japan, Hong Kong Disneyland or Universal Studios Japan.
I sincerely hope they can rise to the challenge and develop a world leading theme park right here in Kuala Lumpur.
Sunway Lagoon may have the best water park in Malaysia but, it is not that much further ahead of its Selangor similitude i-City WaterWorld.
Ok, I-City WaterWorld is more focused on entertaining the younger generation and yes the Vuvuzela may be larger than its Tornado counterpart at i-City but in my opinion, the tornado at i-City gives a faster more adrenaline pumping ride.
The tornado at i-City also has a viewing platform where you can see and take photos of your friends as they enter and disappear down the funnel whereas the Vuvuzela does not.
Furthermore i-City WaterWorld has an identity totally focused on being a water park whereas Sunway Lagoon is a multi park getting bogged down by trying to please all tastes rather than focusing on a single theme and trying to be a world leader.

Sunway Lagoon Location Map

Admission Ticket Fee

Non Malaysian - Adult RM120
Non Malaysian - Child/Senior Citizen RM90
Malaysian Citizen - Adult RM90
Malaysian Citizen - Child/Senior Citizen RM65

Equipment For Hire

Single Tube - Deposit RM 10 - Rental RM10 - Total RM20
Double Tube - Deposit RM 15 - Rental RM15 - Total RM30
Body Board - Deposit RM 10 - Rental RM20 - Total RM30
Surf Board - Deposit RM 20 - Rental RM30 - Total RM50

Extra Costing For These Rides Or Activities

Bungee Jump - RM130 (RM75 for Malaysian Citizens)
G-Force X - RM60 (RM30 for Malaysian Citizens)
Go-Kart - Single Seater, RM20 per ride - Double Seater, RM25 per ride
Paintball War Game - Min 8 pax per team RM58.00 per person, 100 pellets (Advance booking required - Includes Co2 Canister, Protection Mask & Vest, Barrel Plug & Paintball Marker)
Kids Water Slide Sunway Lagoon
Pedestrian Suspension Bridge
Splashing Good Time At Sunway Lagoon
Sunway Lagoon
Sunway Lagoon River Of Adventure
Sunway Lagoon Scream Park
Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach
Sunway Lagoon Suspension Bridge
Sunway Lagoon Tomahawk
Sunway Lagoon Wildlife Park
Surf Beach Water Fun
Surf Beach Water Park
Walk Across Suspension Bridge
Water Park Fun at Sunway Lagoon
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Wave Pool With Waterfalls
Vuvuzela Worlds Largest Water Ride Sunway Lagoon