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It is called Transport4U freight exchange and anyone can advertise any type of goods that require vehicular transportation in Malaysia.
Currently it is a soft launch with ambitious plans to sign up 200+ transport companies before the official launch later in the year (the mooted date is December 2014).
It is a free service to use and anyone can post their goods to be transported, there is also one column whereby you can express how much you wish to pay for the transportation job.
All the details posted are on the transportation job listings page apart from the contact details (phone number and email address) as these details can only be viewed by hauliers and logistic companies that are signed up members of the website.
Currently there is no way for potential customers to analyze any prospective hauliers but, after contacting Transport4U they say this will change in the near future as more and more transport companies sign up to use their service.
There is a lot more to this freight exchange once you
dig deeper;
The basic concept concentrates on logistic companies and hauliers who very often do not carry any cargo on a backload; In laymans terms this means once they have delivered goods to the delivery destination there is very often no return load to go back to their base or depot.
These hauliers can only charge their customers on the delivery journey, therefore if there are no goods to carry back the truck returns to its base or depot empty but still having to pay the fuel and toll costs for this journey.
There are many lorries carrying no goods on return journeys and it has been proven on freight exchanges in Europe and North America that hauliers and logistic companies are prepared to slash their prices to get loads for these journeys.
This is the advantage of using a well organised freight exchange, it creates a win-win situation for both consumers and transportation companies alike.

On another page (called Empty Trucks) any haulier or logistic company can post details of their unused freight capacity on any journey.
For example; 'Company A' is collecting goods from Selangor to be delivered to Penang on say 10th December but they do not have any goods to collect in Penang on the same day. This means the lorry must return to its Selangor depot empty with all tolls and fuel still to be paid.
'Company A' can advertise this truck to be available to carry goods and encourage anyone who is interested in utilising this vehicle on this day to contact them to negotiate a price.
This can be advantageous to many SME's who can use this service to transport just about anything. In the above mentioned example any company or person who lives on the route from Penang to KL can contact 'Company A' to negotiate a price.
Transport4U is an interesting business model and one that I intend to follow with interest over the coming months. The concept is fantastic and if it catches on could have a very bright future.
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There are tens of thousands of trucks that return to their base empty everyday of the week so there is a good chance of finding a match (providing this freight exchange gains some traction and logistics companies use it).

Transport4U - First Malaysian Freight Exchange

Chart Showing Inefficient Commercial Hauliers With Under Used Capacity
image courtesy of Transport4U

Recently I came across the what is being touted as the first domestic freight exchange in Malaysia and after browsing their website I became mightily impressed by the services they intend to offer.
Lori Sewa
Image (left) courtesy of Transport4U
The form to sign up as a registered transport company includes a lot of detail including a scanned copy of the company registration document (presumably this is a security feature).