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The Terengganu Entertainment scene received a boost in September 2010 with the opening of the states first cineplex in Mesra Mall in Kemaman.
At the southern end of Kenyir Lake you can find the Bewah and Taat Caves that can be reached by motorboat from the jetty.
Kuala Terengganu offers tourists an entertaining River Cruise that takes in several heritage sites such as the Sam Poh Kong Temple, the State Museum, unique boat building on Duyung Island and an interesting view of China Towns wooden houses on stilts.
There is now a Turtle Information Centre managed by the Department of Fisheries who employ rangers to patrol the beaches and protect the Turtles and their eggs.
The Rantau Abang Beach located 80 km south of Kuala Terengganu is famous for being a nesting ground for the giant Leather Back Turtle.
As you cruise up the Jeram river the wildlife that can be observed includes monitor lizard, otters, monkeys, crabs, colourful birds, eagles and various fish.
For the active of limb who enjoy an exhilarating challenge then Mount Gagua at Lake Kenyir can provide an adrenalin pumping mountaineering experience.
The Bewah cave is illuminated but the Taat cave is not so it advisable to bring along a torch light because the stalactites and stalagmites take some extraordinary shapes that are worthy of a photograph.
Although it is possible to raft all year round many people prefer to take to the river during the monsoon season between November and February because excess rain leads to higher water levels and water surges to test your Terengganu river rafting skills.
An excellent new way to get back to nature Terengganu style is by River Rafting on one of the many Terengganu rivers suitable for this new activity.
TGV Mesra Mall has designed a vibrant and youthful cinema complex in an attempt to attract the young of heart to the ground floor 3 screen location.

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Local travel agencies such as Ping Anchorage can arrange these activities for you at Lake Kenyir or in the Pasir Raja Forest Reserve.
There are plans to add a further 2 screens in the future and so enhancing the Terengganu entertainment experience.
TGV Mesra Mall offered free screenings for the first two sessions on the opening day and there were various other promotional offerings for the public to take advantage of.
The beach at Rantau Abang is ideally suited for the turtles because of its steep incline and the peak egg laying months are June and July.
Sadly over the years the numbers nesting here have reduced significantly due to a variety of reasons.
The Bewah cave is the larger of the two and is accessed via a long staircase before you can see the limestone walls and the ancient stalactites and stalagmites.
Prior arrangements are required for a guide and the base camp can provide full facilities for the ascent of 1,380 metres.

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