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Terengganu is more noted as a tranquil haven for peace and relaxation rather than a party paradise. Most of the major resorts have their own bars, karaokes and discos where you can party on down and the best Terengganu nightlife is found on the islands in bars where foreign tourists congregate.
The beach front is the main hive of night time activity where the relaxed scene revolves around having a few drinks and singing some karaoke but there are no pulsating night clubs like can be seen in KL or Penang.
On Perhentian Kecil there is a lively beach bar called the Palm Tree Cafe that serves a variety of drinks and always seems to attract a diverse selection of young foreign tourists.
The lively Palm Tree Cafe plays music and is a great location to lie on the beach and occasionally rise to get refreshment or join the crowd in lively conversation as the night draws on.
The Laguna Redang Island Resort has a few more bars where you can unwind with friends, one being the Island Lobby Bar whose minimalistic chic decor is welcoming and they serve a good variety of cocktails.
The king of the Redang nightlife scene is The Beach Club located within Laguna Redang Island Resort.
On Redang Island the nightlife scene centres around the many beach resorts with their own bars and evening entertainment features live bands and DJ's pumping out their stuff to the requests of their patrons.
All that snorkelling and diving can drain the energy levels so don't expect partying until the early hours because people like to rest and get up early to enjoy the aqua marine spectacle.
However, tourists tend to flock to Terengganus islands for the crystal clear waters affording amazing visibility of the coral reefs and abundant marine life.
The Tupai Beach Bar at the Laguna Resort is also a great place to while away a few hours in good company.

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Tupai Beach Bar Redang
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Poolside Bar
The music is not too overbearing that it drowns out conversation and it attracts a good crowd including guests from other resorts.

Island Nightlife

This premier entertainment venue features a live band and 4 separate karaoke rooms.