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Indulging in the favourite Malaysian pastime of eating out in Terengganu restaurants and hawker stalls conjures up salivating images of the smells and tastes of local delicacies such as Keropok Lekor, Nasi Dagang and Ayam Percik.
A firm Terengganu restaurant favourite is Satar where boneless fish, shallots, chilli, coconut and ginger are pounded to a paste before being wrapped in banana leaf and grilled over a charcoal fire leaving it with an aromatic smell and delicious sweet/savoury taste that delights the taste buds.
Ketupat Sotong is a popular dish where cooked glutinous rice is soaked in rich coconut milk before being stuffed inside squids and sealed.
Ayam Percik Terengganu is one of my personal favourite local dishes in Terengganu and is basically barbecued chicken marinated in a spicy coconut sauce that yields that sweet/hot taste sensation that has me licking my lips at the mere thought of tasting it.
Nasi Dagang is a speciality rice dish of Terengganu where rice and glutinous rice are cooked together and coconut cream is then added.
Keropok Lekor is a local favourite dish consisting of minced fish combined with sago flour, ice cubes and seasoning, it is then either deep fried or boiled with pandan leafs until it floats and served in slices.
There are many more local delicacies on the menus of traditional Terengganu restaurants just waiting for appreciative gastronomes to savour.
In the resort hotels on Perhentian and Redang some great buffets can be found as well as supporting signature restaurants serving excellent cuisine.
As with most large resorts a mixture of local and western delicacies are offered guaranteeing even the most choosy of guests should not go hungry through lack of their desired gastronomic choices.

Terengganu Restaurants

Laguna Resort Redang Dining
Laguna Redang Island Resort Buffet
This is then boiled in coconut milk seasoned with ginger, shallots, fenugreek, salt and sugar and served hot and can be found in a multitude of Terengganu restaurants or cafes.
Ayam Percik can be bought at many Terengganu restaurants, cafes and hawker stalls.
This dish is readily available and can can be bought in all the markets and hawker stalls throughout Terengganu.
It can be served with a variety of curry dishes and pickles and again can be purchased at most markets and hawker stalls.

Local Delicacies

This dish can be seen to be sold fairly readily at Terengganu markets and hawker stalls alike.