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If paradise beaches is what attracts you to a holiday destination then the Terengganu tourism industry is onto a winner. The Terengganu coast boasts a 225km stretch of the purest of white sandy beaches and that is excluding the island beaches in Terengganus' crystal clear waters.
Situated 21km off the coast are the 2 Perhentian Islands that are amongst the most beautiful tropical islands in the world.
The Redang Archipelago consists of 9 islands located 45km off the Terengganu coast, it is the largest group of islands in the states waters and it is home to an abundance of colourful marine life.
The Kenyir Lake is situated about 55km from Kuala Terengganu and is the largest man made lake in SE Asia, it was created as a consequence of the building of the Kenyir hydro electric dam.
Being blessed with such natural beauty the Terengganu tourism industry does not have to work so hard to encourage tourists to this remarkable destination.
The fireflies feed on the Beremban leaves and when darkness descends their bright illumination gives the impression the river is lined by Christmas trees making this the premier fireflies site on the east coast.
Lighting up the Beremban trees lining the banks of the Yak Yah River in Kampung Ibok, Kemaman is Terengganus' newest tourism attraction, the Yak Yah Fireflies.
Terengganu is home to Malaysias' highest waterfall the Cemerong Waterfall which standing proud at 305 metres can be accessed after 2 hours of serious jungle trekking in a remote part of the Dungun region. The Cemerong waterfall is a true jungle adventure for the Terengganu tourism industry.
The clean waters of Kenyir Lake are home to an abundance of freshwater fish encouraging anglers to try their luck while other activities here are canoeing, boating and hiking through the tropical jungle tracks. Accommodation is available in the form of  houseboats, floating chalets and lakeside resorts.
There is a ban on fishing within the 3.2km distance from any of the islands shores and it is illegal to take any coral or pelagic life of any form from within this area.
With some of the best coral reef in the world coupled with an abundance of marine life set in crystal clear waters it is of little surprise that dive enthusiasts and underwater photographers scouring the world for the best dive sites are regular return visitors to Redang Island.
Green Turtles are the least rare turtle nesting in Malaysian waters, they can be found nesting on Redang island as can the Hawksbill Turtle and the Olive Ridley Turtle athough they are far less common than the Green Turtle on the beaches of Redang island.
The Redang Archipelago Marine Park status is a government measure to preserve the islands' unique eco-system that is home to 500 species of live coral and 3,000 species of fish including manta rays, stingrays, sharks, whale sharks, jacks, snappers, rabbitfish, silver barracudas, clownfish, triggerfish and parrotfish to name but a few.
Perhentian is also home to some magnificent coral reefs that are perfect for both snorkelling and diving where it is not uncommon to see dolphins and whale sharks.
Perhentian islands tall palm trees swaying over its golden sandy beaches and inviting turquoise blue waters with a backdrop of lush tropical rainforest make this a picture postcard island that is also an ideal destination for swimming, wind surfing, canoeing, sailing, boating and deep sea fishing.
Not content with the 225km of white sandy beaches on the mainland the Terengganu tourism industry is fortunate to have the breathtakingly beautiful Perhentian islands and Redang island in its coastal waters.
The Terengganu Marine Park consists of many islands with one common denominator that is crystal clear waters to observe the abundance of pelagic life surrounding the colourful coral reefs in these warm tropical waters.
The panoramic views afforded by the longest stretch of beach in Malaysia are simply breathtaking and watching the morning sunrise over the South China Sea while sitting in the powdery white sand will live forever in the memories of those fortunate enough to witness it.

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Kenyir lake covers a colossal 369 sq km and its creation saw the emergence of 340 islands that were once the hills rising above what is now the water level.

Enjoy Paradise Island Beaches With Panoramic Views

Pantai Pulau Redang
Crystal Clear Perhentian Seas
Pulau Perhentian Beach
At the 3 coves bay in the northern shore of Perhentian Besar Island you can indulge in turtle watching and for nature lovers there are several trails around the islands where you can get a close up of the tropical jungle.
Both islands, Perhentian Besar Island and Perhentian Kecil, can be accessed from the Kuala Besut Jetty which is a one-and-half-hour drive north of Kuala Terengganu.
Beach Perhentian Island
Perhentian Island Beach
Pulau Perhentian
Relaxing In Paradise
Perhentian Island Boat Trip
Redang island is the largest of the islands in the protected Redang Marine Park measuring 7km in length and 6km in width and it is also the most developed island.
The best time to visit is between April and October and most resorts are closed for the north east monsoon season between November and March.
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Redang Beach
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Redang Island Beach
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Beach Redang
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