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Any traveller whether they are on business or a tourist that is fortunate enough to discover the historically significant city of Malacca is in for an absolute treat.
The influence of many Asian and European trading nations moulded Malacca into the fascinating city it is today and I always look forward to any opportunity I get to visit this enchanting city.
Malacca was so esteemed by the historical colonial empires because of its strategic location and its continued popularity as a successful trading port that attracted traders from all corners of the then established world.
Malacca was the location of one of the earliest Malay Sultanates in the 14th century and then history reveals a fascinating catalogue of events that witnessed the Portuguese, Dutch, British, Japanese and again the British ruling the colony before Merdeka saw Malacca under Malaysian control.

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Unesco do not attribute world heritage status to a city without good reason and Malaccas'  heritage of culture and architecture proved irresistible to their fastidious inspectors and Unesco world heritage status for Malacca city centre was achieved in 2008.
Malacca is located on the south western coast of peninsula Malaysia approximately 250km north of Singapore and 150km south of Kuala Lumpur making it an ideal stop off point for the savvy traveller between these SE Asian tourist hotspots.
The historic state as it is affectionately known is serviced by the Batu Berendam Airport located just outside the state capital.
Malacca is a popular destination for Singapore tourists to visit as they regularly stop off here for a few days before continuing to travel to the many tourist hotspots around Malaysia.
Travel to Malacca and you will be in the third smallest Malaysian state at 1,950sq km, only Penang and Perlis are smaller by landmass.
From Singapore the north/south highway from Johor Bahru will see you arrive in about 3.5 hours in total dependent on how busy the border crossing was.
The Malacca heritage trail in the old town is the main attraction with its fascinating history and assimilation of different cultures resulting in some unique architectural delights.
Malacca is definitely not to be missed on any visit to Malaysia as it has evolved through 600 years of colourful history to display its current architectural and diverse cultural heritage in the glorious surroundings that is the old town of Malacca.
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Kuala Lumpur international airport is also in close proximity to the state, a leisurely drive along the the north/south highway will see you arriving in about 1.5 hours.
Indeed, such is its high standing as a 'must see' SE Asian tourist destination it has even adopted the slogan "Visiting Malacca Means Visiting Malaysia", which in my opinion is a justifiable recommendation to any potential visitor to this historic state.