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Travel Negeri Sembilan


Minangkabau House Seremban

With Negeri Sembilan being within the Kuala Lumpur commuter belt the infrastructure such as road and rail services are first class.

The north-south highway makes driving through NS a breeze and the Komuter train from KL Sentral straight to Seremban, the state capital, arrives from the north while the KTM Interstate Train Service from Singapore in the south stops at Tampin and Seremban.

An unusual fact about NS is it has no passenger airport but the state capital Seremban is actually closer to Kuala Lumpur International Airport than the city of KL itself!

Travel Negeri Sembilan

Royal Town Of Seri Menanti

Port Dickson has become a weekend playground for the Kuala Lumpur city slickers who can be on the beach after just over an hours drive and over the years a good range of hotels and resorts have sprung up to service this demand.

The state is also becoming more popular for the eco-adventurous types with some fascinating attractions encouraging eco-tourists to travel to Negeri Sembilan.

Popular tourist attractions include Lata Kijang which standing at 100m is the tallest single drop waterfall in Malaysia, the 1,240-metre Gunung Hantu (Ghost Mountain), the Ulu Bendol Recreational Forest, the 1,462 metres high Gunung Antu Besar (the highest peak in NS), the Pedas Hot Springs and the Kenaboi Forest Reserve.

The cultural heritage and the beaches such as at the Blue Lagoon in NS will grip the interest of both foreign and local tourists alike making the state well positioned to promote itself as a tourist destination of choice to the discerning traveller.

The states eco-tourist destinations may not have been promoted as eloquently or as purposefully as in other Malaysian states, but they are without doubt unique in their nature and as many veteran eco-tourists have claimed they are the hidden gems of the Malaysian tourist industry.

Minangkabau Heritage

Negeri Sembilan is steeped in the Minangkabau traditions of the states forefathers who (originally from Sumatra) braved the Straits Of Malacca in the 15th century to settle in what is known historically as the nine states.

The Minangkabau Heritage is most prominent to visitors when viewing the unique architecture of Negeri Sembilan (NS), one of the most striking features is the buffalo horn shaped and multi tiered roofs of many descriptions.

The Seremban Museum showcases some of the finest examples of this style of architecture and it is a highly recommended place to visit.

Negeri Sembilan State Museum

One other distinct feature of the architecture is the double storey construction rarely found in villages elsewhere in Malaysia.

An interesting legacy of the Minangkabau culture is the practice of the matrilineal (Adat Perpatih) way of life where the wife is the head of the household and inheritance follows the female side of the family; NS is the only Malaysian state that follows the matrilineal social system.

Selamat Datang Ke Darul Khusus - Welcome to The Special Abode

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