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Tourism is a fast growing sector in Perak and with the natural wonders of the Belum State Park, the mountains, paradise islands, rivers and waterfalls together with wildlife sanctuaries like Orangutan Island it is understandable why tourists are increasingly choosing Perak as a leisure destination.
Perak means silver in the Malaysian language and there are two theories where the name is derived from.
Alas, after the collapse of the tin mining industry Perak had to diversify its economy to a more value added model not reliant on any one industry and slowly its profile is being raised in line with its ambition.
The Silver State has a timeless beauty that only nature could create and bestow onto those fortunate enough to visit the Perak Darul Ridzuan the Land Of Grace.
However, a look back at history will reveal that for 90 years after the 1890's Perak was an economic gold medallist built around the tin mines of the Kinta Valley.
The mighty Perak River and Mount Korbu (Titiwangsa Mountains, Perak) are both the second biggest in peninsular Malaysia, the Temenggor Dam (Perak River) is the second largest of its kind in the Malay peninsular and during colonial times Ipoh was regarded as Malaysias' second city for administration purposes.
Silver is renowned throughout the world as an award for coming second and oddly enough there are a great many 'seconds' when you study Perak.
Peraks population is 2.5 million with over 700,000 residing in its largest city and state capital Ipoh, the royal capital is Kuala Kangsar that is situated where the Kangsar River flows into the Perak river.
Travel through The Land of Grace with the spectacular Lata Kinjang Waterfalls cascading 850 metres down part of the spine of peninsula Malaysia that is the majestic Titiwangsa Mountains forming a panoramic eastern backdrop can only mean one thing, I am in the wonderful state of Perak.
Further north nature has sculpted more than 30 karst towers in the Kinta Valley that form part of the unmistakable limestone hills that affords the city of Ipoh with such a spectacular natural backdrop.


Perak River


Gunung Lang Perak
Orangutan Shelter From Rain
Perak River
Ipoh Railway Station Perak
Also at 21,000 sq km Perak is the silver medallist behind Pahang as the second largest state in the peninsula.
One is from the silver glimmer of the fish in the Perak River and the other comes from the silver colour of the tin ore that so famously transformed Perak into a dominant economic powerhouse in Malaysia until the early 1980's when tin prices plummetted.
Selamat Datang Ke Darul Ridzuan
Welcome To The Land Of Grace

Travel To Perak - The Land Of Grace

Ipoh became a boom town and earned the nickname 'the city that tin built' and 'the city of millionaires'.