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Travel to Selangor and find it is the most populated state in Malaysia with nearly 5 million inhabitants spread over its 8,000 sq km and its central location on the west coast of peninsula Malaysia surrounding Kuala Lumpur makes it the countries most strategic transportation hub.
But the majority of foreign tourists do not always get to see what Selangor has to offer as they go straight to KL, Penang or Malacca and only return for their outbound flights.
Travel to Selangor and find it is home to a diverse population that has been attracted by the economic growth of the state over the last 30 years, but Selangor is also Malaysian through and through with the concept of 1Malaysia alive and very strong here any visitor can expect a very warm and friendly Malaysian welcome when they arrive.
Shah Alam is the state capital whereas Klang is the Royal capital, other towns and cities of note in Selangor are Subang Jaya, Ampang Jaya, Petaling Jaya and Cheras.
The appeal to the traveller to visit Selangor lies in its wide range of attractions that cover historic, cultural, natural and man made sites that are easily accessed with the sophisticated transportation system available, but there will be more about these on the travel and tourism page.
By launching the "My Selangor Story" which is a competition aimed at both local and international bloggers they are recognising the power of social media.
Indeed, considering Selangor has the best communications network in the country and is home to some highly talented individuals the Selangor tourist board embarked on a cunning plan to increase awareness of Selangor on the world stage as recently as August 2010.
Alas, they know not what they miss because Selangor is a colourful state that is rich in history, heritage and culture.
Selangor is also an enigma to many tourist professionals with Kuala Lumpur International Airport firmly located within its borders it is seen as the gateway to Malaysia.
Often overlooked as a tourist destination but taken very seriously as the business and industrial hub of the nation Selangor has been a state in continuing flux for the past 35 years resulting in Selangor now being the most developed state in Malaysia.
Selangor boasts the countrys largest Sea Port (Klang) and Airport (KLIA), it has the nations largest industrial site in Shah Alam, it is home to the most institutes of higher learning in Malaysia and its general infrastructure its rated as some of the best in SE Asia.


Gateway To Malaysia

Batu Caves
Batu Caves
Batu Caves Entrance
Batu Caves Stairs
Lord Murugan Statue
i-city Shah Alam
Selamat Datang
Ke Darul Ehsan
Welcome To The Abode Of Serenity Selangor

Travel To Selangor - The Gateway To Malaysia

Blogs are an abundant source of information to travellers worldwide and more exposure on the internet raises the profile which can ultimately lead to increased visitors.
It is home to many fine tourist attractions that deserve both more recognition and exposure through the various media outlets available to the state tourist board and the vested interests of private enterprise who profit from increased tourism.
Further out from the KL conurbation the towns with significant historical influence are Kuala Selangor and Jugra.