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Covering 12,955 sq km Terengganu is bordered by Kelantan to the north and Pahang to the south and is comprised of 7 districts that are Besut, Setiu Kemaman, Dungun, Marang, Hulu Terengganu and Kuala Terengganu.
Selamat Datang Ke Darul Iman Welcome To The Abode Of Faith
The tourists may be flocking to indulge in the Terengganu laid back lifestyle in paradisal settings, but when they leave they will hold the memory of the friendly east coast welcome that comes naturally to the wonderfully warm people of Terengganu.
Terengganu used to be one of the poorest states in Malaysia but the discovery of offshore oil has changed the face of its economy with large petrochemical plants dominating the skyline near Paka and Kerteh.
Situated near the Pahang border is the Pasir Raja Forest Reserve that is home to one of the worlds oldest Chengal trees that is estimated to be 1,300 years old.
Terengganu is also home to the largest man made lake in SE Asia - the Kenyir Lake has become a tourist destination in its own right since it was created as a consequence of the building of the Kenyir Hydro Electric Dam that was completed in 1985.
The Terengganu river winds its way through 130 million year old rain forests en route to the state capital Kuala Terengganu whereby it flows beneath the Sultan Mahmud Bridge spanning the banks of this ancient river to ultimately empty into the South China Sea.
The unspoilt beauty of Terengganu is slowly emerging to take its place as a top Malaysian tourist destination by embracing its idyllic charm and diamond white sandy beaches leading to crystal clear waters.
Terengganus' 225km of coast located on Malaysias eastern seaboard stretches from Besut in the north to Kemaman in the South.
The pristine Terengganu waters of the South China Sea are also home to some of Malaysias most beautiful tropical islands providing some globally renowned dive sites that entice divers to explore the magic of the Terengganu deep.


Perhentian Island Beach
Kuala Terengganu Ferry
Perhentian Island

Travel To Terengganu - The Abode Of Faith

Although agriculture and fisheries remain important it is petroleum and gas that are the main components of the Terengganu economy.
The durable hardwood Chengal tree measures a massive 16.75m diameter at its base and it towers above the forest canopy at a colossal 65m.
Redang Island Beautiful Blue Seas
Travel to Terengganu and find it faces the South China Sea and is interspersed with the finest white beaches in all of peninsula Malaysia.
Picture postcard islands like Redang and Perhentian are the most popular islands and both are blessed with crystal clear waters and an abundance of coral hosting a wide variety of sea life.
Redang Island Swimming With Fish Crtstal Clear Water
Relax On Redang Island Beach
The tropical rainforests located in Terengganus rugged landscapes means lots of rivers leading to a plethora of beautiful waterfalls such as the Lata Tembakah Waterfalls and the picturesque 3 tiered Sekayu Waterfall that makes an ideal picnic location.